5 Ways a good review can help sell your book

5 Ways a review can help sell your book

As publishing routes and reading habits change, one thing remains the same in the book world, a quality and trusted book review will help sell your book. Here are 5 ways reviews can help sell your book.

  1. A quality book review is an important tool for people to quickly assess if your book is the right fit for them. If you put a book review up on Amazon or another site that sells books, a catchy headline for the review will draw more people in than the number of stars your book receives. On a book sales site, keep your reviews to less than 250 words. Longer, more in-depth reviews go to specific book review sites, like Kirkus Reviews.
  2. The number of independent reviews is a key to getting people to buy your book. It’s best to get these reviews on your Amazon or other book sales sites. If a potential purchaser has to go through multiple sites to read reviews and then buy your book, they might just not do that. But, if you have a book review on a site, make sure it links to your book sales site, so people can see other reviews, and then buy your book.
  3. Promote your best book reviews around. Make sure you are on all the most popular social media and reading sites. Goodreads is a hugely popular website with millions of people regularly posting about books they have read, following writers and receiving book recommendations from their friends and groups that they are in. Twitter is said to be a great place for writers, but I’ve found Facebook better. There are many writers and readers’ groups on Facebook. And don’t forget word of mouth to all that will listen.
  4. Don’t ever think of paying for a review or reviewing your own book. It may not be certain death if you do these things, but if you are a writer, that’s what you should be doing, writing. Let your readers write your reviews, it will work out better for you in the long-term.
  5. A good book review will offer you an insight into a book and the reviewer’s interpretation of the book. And as an author, you should want this. Because a work of fiction is a work of art, and everyone sees and reads art differently. A good book review will have an evocative lead, an accurate story guide, what the reviewer liked most about the book, a compelling assessment and an evaluation of its quality or lack of it. And a rating out of 5 stars.

Reviews are an important tool for selling your books; get as many as you can, short of paying for them.

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