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ABC, Jeffery Smart

Another great Australian artist has died, Jeffery Smart. 20 June 2013, Arezzo, Italy.

My poetry group DiVerse, has had a long association with the artworks of Jeffery Smart. We transcribed many of his images into poetry. Because his original visually startling works capture and replicate the internal essence of people, cities, and our connected world.

The way that Jeffrey connects us, to our places is equal, if not more innate than the way poetry works. His artworks were a natural fit for poetic transcription, it was easy, they spoke themselves onto the page.

There are many things that a person like Jeffery Smart can teach us, take a look at his life; in a relationship for more than 30 years with his partner, Ermes De Zan, who was with him when he died.

With all the spin, and current rubbish coming from our politicians about the sanctity of marriage, and them, voting down equal rights for gay and lesbians, what a load of crap they go on with. Look at Jeffery and his partner, over 30 years together, lasting longer than many conventional marriages -who elected politician to tell us who we can and can’t marry? When did any of us ever get a chance to vote on that?

Sorry about the rant. I wish I could have met Jeffery. I’ve come close to many artists in my life, and each one has touched me. Meeting someone who I adore, like Jeffery, would have moved me to write better words about his life.

There’s a special quality that all artists hold, they tell us more about ourselves than most of us care to admit. Through what they create, we can all look at, hear, read and feel their works, and get to understand something more about our world, and how we are all connected.

You can view a selection of his artworks and read more about his life in this article. http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/art-and-design/jeffrey-smart-dead-at-91-20130621-2omk1.html

Image courtesy of the ABC

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