The Business of Books is the Business of Life – George Whitman

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Change is happening at an inconceivable rate today, and it always has.

The book world has moved to a place where it is barely recognisable today, as compared to 10 years ago. There are so many opportunities, dozens of competing technologies, millions of people writing and too many fly by night groups who are only in it for the quick buck, crooks I call them.

Can writers just write anymore?

As a writer, I’ve become lost in choice, trends, networking and a mountain of writing opportunities and submissions, that I need a spreadsheet for my spreadsheets to maintain all the data.

That’s the way it is for writers without a name or a publisher to help them. Even with a publisher, it’s a new complex world for writers.

I’ve found that I’m not alone in my thoughts; most writers I’ve met get that glazed-over look in their eyes when you ask about their author platform. Or who is their audience?  But we ask these questions because that’s what everyone in the book world is talking about.

Will the business of writing kill writing?

What is all this talk, interaction and business about getting your face and words out into the world doing for your writing? I can tell you what it has done to mine, it has made me stop writing and become discouraged. Not just because I’m not getting many sales, but because the idea, the craft, the love of my life, my writing, has dried up and become little more than a product for a very small audience. It’s become like copywriting, which is just trying to flog a product.

There are so many of us writers out there now, all trying to be noticed. I have over 7000 followers on Twitter, I almost never interact with them, not because of not wanting to, but I’m busy trying to be heard. Needless to say, most of my followers are other writers, all doing the same thing as I’m trying to do, sell books.

Are other writers the answer to you getting recognised?

Years ago a good friend and frontline Australian poet told me, “Other poets are the readers and buyers of my books, that’s the way it is”. Now, if all us Indie authors did this, and all bought each other’s books, I’d guess that would make us feel better, but it wouldn’t get us what we want. And that’s people, many people, readers, reading our stories.

But they’re not going to read them because we don’t have a name or a publisher, and we can’t be found. So our books are never going to get out into the world on any scale that will support us, so we can live and improve at our craft. The best thing I can see to do, now, is for Indie writers to buy only Indie books.

Unless you can think of something better!


  1. I hear you. I feel the same way often times. But I think what we really need to do is keep writing, keep honing our craft, keep getting better. We’ll get readers if we can touch someone, and then they’ll pass the word and we’ll touch someone else. We may not reach a million people, but if that’s the goal, we probably won’t reach any.

    • Hi Daniel,
      Yes, this is what I thought too. What I found out it’s not much of a business plan and after three years of building an author platform and thirty years writing, I am no closer to any of my plans. Regardless of how much money I’ve thrown at it, in courses, books, networking, publishing packages and everything else. Nothing has worked, and nothing looks like working.

      My new plan is, buy my book and I’ll buy yours. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Cool article. Sadly, there is alot of truth embedded in the words! I’m with you on the Kindle Kash Kowboys/girls, I call them the KKK ! They are lowering the standard so much and filling Amazon with ‘write your book in one hour’ or the well thought out one – ‘write a book in a weekend’. I am going to write a book in a weekend just to see how it turns out.

    • Hi Aishah,
      Yes, it’s amazing, They use the same process of trickery as they apply to every other crooked money making scheme around. Some of these crooks are industry heavies too. A book in a weekend! That’s like an education in an weekend. A relationship in a weekend, what fools they must take us for, but some of us are fooled, I was.

      Nice to hear from you, and cheers.

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