Buying contemporary art for your home

What much contemporary art is saying is, this is what it’s like to be living now, here, in this space and time. This modern reading of life through the contemporary artists’ hand, interprets our society. These images let you feel what it’s like to be alive – now.

Why would you buy contemporary art?

When buying contemporary art for your home, you are getting an artwork that is from an artist who is living in our time, representing his or her particular view of the world or their imagination, like in Faceworks 13, by Benjamin Eckersley as seen below.

Contemporary art in the homeThis bold image will bring a unique view of today’s world into your home. Adding an image like this could offset a quiet area in your house.

Where would you put a contemporary artwork?

Placing a contemporary painting or drawing into an area of your home such as a study, a library, or a hallway will lift the dynamic of the space. And, viewing modern-day art is effective for getting the imagination and creative juices flowing.

Try a contemporary piece in a studio or workspace. If you’re reading or writing, a contemporary artwork will aid the flow of your creativity. As contemporary art is so distinct, you will also want it in the most used space in your home, your living room, so everyone can see it.

With this art being so unique, you can try to match the artworks with colours or designs in your home, and with this art, you can let your imagination go much further than that.

Be bold and daring, like most contemporary art is; try placing them in unusual positions, up high or down low. Maybe even very close to a corner.

Try a larger artwork in a small space, hang a small work on a large wall; with this style of art, you can make your home into an artwork.

To invigorate an older home, try bringing in a contemporary artwork, this will smarten it up. And a modern home will work perfectly with many styles of contemporary art.

Building a collection of modern art in your home can make your place feel like a contemporary art space. Many modern pieces are created in sequences such as the Faceworks image above, use this to your advantage and create a theme that flows through each room of your home.

The distinctive and very well priced artworks of John Briggs as seen below in his depiction of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and titled the same, is an exceptional work that could become the focal point of a home.
Contemporary art in the homeAn artwork like this immediately draws attention to itself; it illustrates how a homeowner or art collector is not simply satisfied with a conventional landscape, or a standard portrait.
This twisted and poignant image offers an insight into the disease and as Briggs says, it shows, ”The feeling of the process and the disease MS.”

Why would you put contemporary art in your home?

Because it can add character and enhance the style of your house or apartment. Contemporary art is created in almost every manner of style you can think of, contemporary art will set your place apart from other homes. That might be just the thing you need to help change how you view it.

Contemporary portraiture like what you see in the Archibald and Moran prizes will add a new dimension to how you, and others see your home.

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