Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra

Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra
Questacon, March 2017

Enlighten brightens up Canberra again in a dazzling display of colour, design and storytelling. The stunning display on the Questacon building above lights it with imaginative and playful creations. It’s set to fascinate children and adults.

Storytelling is the central theme on show

Along with the architectural projections shaped to the structure of the buildings, which always amazes, the tale or each projection was carefully crafted to match the stories each building houses.

The craft of storytelling through images is a skill the designers of these light shows have learned well. The projections on the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) told the story of the latest blockbuster exhibition,  Versailles Treasures from the Palace. Here’s another event we covered connected to the Versailles exhibition at the NGA Sunday 5 March 2017.

Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra
National Gallery of Australia, March 2017

Enlighten is now one of the biggest crowd-pullers for the A.C.T.

The popularity of Enlighten was clear on the first Monday of the show with the long line-up of people at the selfie booth outside the National Portrait Gallery (NPG). There were hundreds getting ready to have their mugs photographed and posted up onto the (NPG).

Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra
National Portrait Gallery, March 2017

Of course, the National library of Australia has its literary story to tell — visually, of course.

Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra
National library of Australia, March 2017

Indigenous stories, democracy, human rights, equality and history are on display at the Australian Parliament House. Along with a great soundtrack.

Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra
Australian Parliament House, March 2017

Popular free events

One popular free event is the short film festival, Lights! Canberra! Action!, now in its 14th year. Held at the Senate Rose Gardens, which is located on the western side of Old Parliament House. It shows on the 10th of March from 7 pm.

Atomic Glow. “Renowned for their spark of creative flair highlighted by stunning visuals, Zap Circus will leave you amazed.”

Cloud, “Making its Australian debut at Enlighten this year. Cloud is an arresting and interactive display created from 6,000 re-purposed and incandescent light bulbs and pull chain switches.”

Along with the light and design projections, there is a program of connected events at places like the National Zoo & Aquarium, the National Arboretum and many other spaces across Canberra.

There is so much to see and do during Enlighten

There is the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets in Reconciliation Place. You might do well to bring your own portable seating as the tables and chairs provided go quickly, but check first to see if this is okay.

There’s music, comedy, animals, food, and even Fallen Angels. As with most smart events today, this show comes with its own free Enlighten Canberra App

Enlighten illuminates the nation’s capital bringing the city to life with colour and music.

Enlighten Brightens Up Canberra
The walkway to the National Gallery of Australia, March 2017

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