I am as you know me

I am as you know me

My sixth album, titled I am as you know me, is an exploration into the sounds that represent what I love, and who I am. It’s jazzy, lots of contemporary piano, percussion and guitar, and a few funny songs thrown in. After months of working with Italian and German musicians, we have created an original album of piano and small ensemble music.

There’s 10 songs on this album, and I hope you find all of them enjoyable and memorable. The songs range from the very dark to happy and silly sounds, just like life really.

For $7.00 you can download the whole album from Bandcamp.

Here is one of the songs of this album, Home. It’s about the beauty of the earth, and how I find it inspirational and precious. It was written in the 1980s, but I’ve revised it. It was first performed by an orchestra and choir, yes it has lyrics, which I’ll post later.

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