Imagine this

John Lennon Imagine

Imagine this…

Imagine everything that someone told you was nothing more than a lie, just to make money. Imagine one of the world’s biggest corporation’s was doing this.

Imagine perhaps the most known corporation in the world built their main product and service (P&S) on a lie. What if they had over 90% of people and companies in the world, using their product and spending so much time, effort and money into running, figuring out, honing and crafting their P&S, and there was no reason they needed to do this.

Imagine this…

This corporation tricked everyone into using them because they got so big, that you had to use them to compete. Imagine no other corporation could compete with them, if they tried they bought them out, or made it impossible for any opposition to compete. Imagine it was pointless for any business to even try to compete with them because they had the market sewn up.

Imagine the rest of the world, spending countless and costly hours each day figuring out and honing their own products and services to get them to be loved by this major corporation, while some going broke in their efforts to be loved. Imagine it was a total waste of time and there was no need to do this.

Imagine this…

Other corporations saw how this one operated and then they began to copy their business practices. Imagine how many other companies would spring up telling you that they were the only ones who could truly figure out how this corporation’s P&S worked.

Imagine you spent most of your life working on this corporation’s P&S to try to make things easier and better for you or your business. Imagine if you didn’t need to. Imagine what you would have done with that time. Imagine the endless hours you’ve wasted; or the conversations you’ve had debating the best possible use of their P&S. Imagine all this was pointless.

Imagine this…

Imagine how many people had been promoted in their company because it looked like they understood how to figure out this corporation’s P&S. Imagine how many people had been sacked or demoted because it looked like they didn’t get this corporation’s P&S. Imagine none of this corporation’s P&S actually worked. Imagine it was all manipulated by them.

Imagine that this scenario was simply a figment of my imagination. Can you imagine that? I imagine you might think that I am the greatest investigator in the world to figure out such a complex and all-consuming plot. But, now imagine what I’ve said is real. Who do you imagine this corporation is?

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