Jazz and Wine go together so Fine

Cool Cats

Moderation in all things, and all things in moderation

Anyone who knows me, knows I do not hold to the above statement, how could I? Australia if full of some of the best wines in the world, and what is the perfect accompaniment to good wine? I’m going to go with, good jazz. As if there’s such a thing as bad jazz.

Jazz, that early 20th-century construction, how did we ever enjoy wine without you. I could compare jazz and wine by saying that the swing, the ‘blue notes’, bent pitches and polyrhythms of jazz match the splash, colour, vibrancy, nose and luscious taste of wine, but I won’t because you’ll think I’m some sort of dipsomaniac jazzoholic.

I just bet if someone wanted to do some in-depth research into the benefits of the combination of jazz and wine, that they would find out that people who consume both, live longer, love more and produce some of the world’s best art and words.

Jazz is like wine in so many ways. Both come in a variety of hues, shades, tastes and flavours. There’s acid in wine and there’s acid jazz, see what I mean. Wine is jazz. Both relax you, especially cool jazz, like cool wine; Bop jazz is akin to the pop of a champagne cork. West coast jazz, west coast wine, see what I’m getting at, and, much jazz makes you feel like dancing, as much wine does.

How many people have been to a jazz concert in a winery? See I’m not alone here, other people know about the benefits and delights of this perfectly matched duo.

So drink up, and listen up, to life in abundance, with Jazz and Wine.

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