Life is about saying yes


I attended an unveiling on an artwork a few days ago. An artist friend of mine enters the Archibald prize every year. She revealed to about 100 people in her gallery, a stunning photo-realism painting, of her subject.

The subject was there and spoke at the unveiling; the first words he said were “Life is about saying yes.” This hit me like a hammer. It wasn’t a statement from a self-help guru, these were the words from a person who lives a happy and full life, based on one word – yes.

Yes, got him to where he is in the world. Yes, got him painted into history. He’s quite a well-known man, from a family of great arts benefactors. The type of yes, this man was talking about, is about giving other people a go. Saying yes to ideas and applications. Saying yes to people who ask for help; and through his support, he and his family have given us so much.

The rewards go both ways. This is what saying yes is all about. I am totally convinced that there is such a thing as Karma. I’ve experienced it many times, though, occasionally, I haven’t noticed the returns. Being too caught up in my own problems to observe what was coming back to me.

No one can say yes to people all the time. But, can more people being saying yes? Yes, we can. Yes, we should be. Yes opens doors and brings opportunity into the world.

I’m not just talking business or commercial decisions here. Yes in your everyday dealings with people will get you further than no will. Again, you can’t say yes to everyone, but can you say yes more often? Yes, I believe you can.

I write this because of all the times I said no to people and other people who have said no to me. There have been many times I could have said yes, but was too greedy and selfish. And I believe, it was the same for these other people, who said no to me. Karma again.

Life is about saying yes. Try it out, and you will see the difference it can make.

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  1. Great post, Rob. Doors do open when we ignore our fears, greed, envy and pettiness; and just say yes.

    I was only thinking yesterday how important being open to joy is for maintaining health and well-being. After reading this post, I think that saying ‘yes’ more often is linked to letting joy in. For we need to say ‘yes’ to ourselves: yes we can do what makes us feel good; yes we can achieve that; yes we deserve to reach our goals; yes we can help others; yes yes and yes.

    Rob, I hope saying yes brings you, and those around you, much joy.

    • Hello Karen,
      Thank you. It’s so simple to say yes and mean it. One word can change people’s lives. You raise a good point, saying yes to yourself more often is something we all need to do.

      Saying yes, will change your life.

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