Am I a Composer?

May 6, 2017 0

After 40 years of writing music I thought it about time I asked myself, am I a Composer? Is a composer just someone who writes music? Today, I hear people call DJs composers, and in […]

Canberra International Music Festival


February 15, 2017 Editor @ The Arts Report 0

Canberra International Music Festival had its launch at the National Museum of Australia (NMA), Tuesday 14, Feb, Valentine’s Day. There was lots of love at the launch of the program. But, there was more a feeling of excitement […]

More than Jazz

More than Music

January 16, 2016 Editor @ The Arts Report 0

As a composer, I always feel it hard when someone like David Bowie dies. Bowie’s unique creativity set him apart from almost all other artists. His flair so exclusive and exceptional, he created his own […]